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Timbertown Characters

Hey Kids – Meet the Timbertown Characters!

It’s all about the kids! Lake George resort characters make every day a party at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water ParkMeet the characters and see the smiles at our Adirondack family vacation resort where the whole family can enjoy the fun. (Pick up a Kids Activity Schedule at check-in or call 518-824-6060 for the Adirondack resort family vacation activities being offered during your stay!)  Hotel specials and getaways, information and  Six Flags family vacation  packages are easy to book and affordable. Check availability online and plan your Lake George area family vacation today!

Oakley The Bear

Meet Oakley at our Adirondack family resort!

Oakley is from Beaver River in the Northwestern region of the Adirondacks. He is always playing second fiddle to Spruce the Moose. Spruce is the natural leader of the bunch – leaving Oakley always feeling competitive.  Oakley is a little clumsy and is always getting into sticky situations. He is unintentionally the goofiest of the Timbertown bunch but deep down has a heart of gold. Oakley is good friends with Bucky the Beaver.

Spruce the Moose

Get to know Spruce at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

Spruce the Moose is the leader of the Timbertown bunch. He is from deep in the Adirondack Mountains. His parents named him Spruce because he was born under the largest Spruce tree in the Adirondacks! Spruce also loves roller coasters and water rides and can’t wait to meet all the children that will be visiting him this season! When we asked Spruce how he felt about moving out of the mountains and into The Great Escape he stated “I am so happy now at my new home, The Great Escape, the best place on Planet Earth!”

Frankie the Fox

Come have fun with Frankie

Frankie the Fox is the “diva” of the group. She is from Whiteface Mountain in the Northeastern region of the Adirondacks. She is confident and has a sporty side to her. Frankie is famous for skiing the most challenging slopes of Whiteface. She gets along with all of the Timbertown gang and is the secret admirer of Oakley the Bear. Oakley tends to be extra clumsy when Frankie is around.

Rocky the Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon loves our Adirondack resort and indoor water park!

Rocky the Raccoon is from Mount Marcy – the highest elevation in the Adirondacks. He is fearless and is the daredevil of the Timbertown bunch. Rocky enjoys flying high in the sky in his plane. He likes to do spins, loops and nose dives over Timbertown to show off his pilot skills. He spends a lot of time with his buddy Sheldon and is always trying to get him to come “out of his shell”.

Bucky the Beaver

Kids love meeting Bucky Beaver - an Adirondack original!

Bucky the Beaver is from Moose River in the Western region of the Adirondacks. He is the hardest working of the bunch and is always setting up structures along the River Dee. Bucky can be quite mischievous at times and likes to play practical jokes on his Timbertown friends. Bucky and Oakley are great friends as Oakley will always ask for help when playing pranks on Spruce.

Ranger Randy

Ranger Randy is the protector of Timbertown and all of the Timbertown animals. Originally from Sherriff Lake in the Southern region of the Adirondacks, Ranger Randy oversees the day to day operation. Hootie the Owl works closely with Ranger Randy as the Tree house is a wonderful lookout spot. Spruce the Moose also works closely with Ranger Randy, having emerged as the natural “animal” leader of the Timbertown bunch. Ranger Randy is a friend to all animals and the wilderness in which they live.